Sharing Good Ideas

“My goal is to offer information you can use. If you have questions or comments—or want to take me up on my offer of a consultation—please contact me at 847-831-2178 or” … [Read more...]

Life and Estate Planning – Part 2

This week I heard from a widow whose husband never signed a will or estate plan. She was unable to access his investment accounts. The good news is that their value was over $100,000. However, that means the only way she can deal with his assets is … [Read more...]

Life and Estate Planning – Part 1

Wills, trusts, and estate planning are an area of increasing interest, particularly for young families and for aging baby boomers. There are many positives to having your affairs in order, and many potential future negative consequences if you don’t. … [Read more...]

Buying a Foreclosed Residence

  Originally published in the February 19, 2011 issue of What's Happening: Lawyers Connecting   Click here to download Original PDF Article: Buying a Foreclosed Residence Keith Collins, the author, does not hold the copyright to this … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Realities, Mortgage Rescue Fraud

A reader wrote that he doesn’t plan to contest the pending foreclosure and is thinking about giving the lender a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. That may not be a good option. When mortgage foreclosures were rare, lenders were more likely to accept a … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Reality, Ill. Initiatives

In today’s complex economy, external factors frequently trump logical foreclosure solutions and results. Lenders overwhelmed with mortgage defaults are foreclosing, even when loan modifications could cut or limit the lenders’ losses. Why are lenders … [Read more...]

Home Foreclosure Realities

Foreclosures are bewildering and terrifying for most homeowners. Some people naively sit by, believing they will get a workable loan modification from their loan servicer, until it’s too late to escape the dilemma. Others suffer a worse fate and, in … [Read more...]

Beware of Homeowner Rights of Cancellation and Rescission

Do you regularly do addition or remodeling jobs involving more than four installment payments (excluding the down payment) for home improvements? If so, where a mechanics lien may attach to the consumer's residence, all remodeling jobs you do may be … [Read more...]

Lenders’ Environmental Risk Management an Update

Click To Read The Entire Article, Click Here to download Original PDF Article: Lenders' Environmental Risk Management an Update Originally published in the March 22, 1995 issue of Banking & Financial Services: An Analysis of current Laws and … [Read more...]